Just What the World Needs

Another quilting blog, ugh!  Why?  Well, I’ve been trying to neaten and straighten my notes, thoughts, resources, works in progress, and my work.  So, I thought a blog might be the way to go.  It’s for me primarily.  If anyone else stumbles on it, that’s fine.  I considered using Pinterest, but decided I needed the ability to add words.  So here I am.

I love:

  • fabric, especially hand dyed (which I can’t afford) and vividly colored stuff
  • designing improvisational quilts
  • the design process
  • learning techniques
  • messing about with scraps of fabric (see above)
  • paper piecing, especially the freezer paper way

I don’t love:

  • control freaks who use rulers to check the straightness of my sewing lines (aka the quilt police)
  • following patterns – where’s the fun in that
  • floral fabric (gag me)
  • overpriced quilting gadgets – don’t get me started on all those rulers
  • cutsey stuff (unusable baby gifts, hostess aprons, table runners, Xmas tree skirts, Halloween banners….you get my drift)
  • hand applique, though I’ve used it
  • anything fussy and twee.

My goals (er, my good intentions):

  • quilt all my tops (I can hear the laughter now)
  • learn to free motion quilt proficiently (this is necessary to accomplish goal one – especially my only real art quilt)
  • use up most of my stash before I buy more fabric (being on a tight budget is really helpful here)
  • produce some quilts characterized by subtlety and close attention to detail
  • actually make a series of quilts rather than trying to stuff all my ideas into one.

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