My Checkered Embroidery Career

Until about a year ago I would have doubted your sanity if you suggested I do hand embroidery.  You see, I was traumatized as a young girl by an embroidery needle, a toaster cover from W. T. Grant stamped with a blue pattern, and a determined mother who insisted I hand embroider Christmas gifts for my aunt.  It was NOT a pleasant experience.  And I was forced to work on a mixer cover, too!  I recall the pattern featured a cuckoo clock with a demented looking bird popping out of it. The toaster cover sported a rooster.  Here’s one similar to my childhood nightmare. (And someone’s asking $19 for it.  Maybe I should tell my aunt.)

Then, I signed up for a Craftsy course called “Stupendous Stitching” which called for some extemporaneous hand embroidery, using big stitches and perle cotton.  Well, once I didn’t have to deal with floss that refused to separate (and why on earth is it made that way?) and those trite blue stamped patterns I kind of got into it.  Lazy daisies, French knots, stab stitches, fern stitch – bring them on.  And I got to decide where to put my stitches.

Here’s a pillow I made using that class’ techniques – couching, machine decorative stitching, hand embroidery, and quilting.

Lest you think I hate fine embroidery, I don’t.  I know one woman whose work is exquisite.  She wins blue ribbons.  It’s just not my thing.

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