Oh Frabjous Day, A New Local Quilt Shop

When I decided to visit Sew Deja Vu, a new quilt shop in my area, I called a friend who understands the lust for new fabric, and off we went.  The store opened October 29 and our visit was about a week later.  We happily entered the drawing for a cute little sewing machine, got 10% off our purchases, and received a $5 coupon for our next visit.

While so far they don’t have the almost solid fabrics I yearn for, they do have loads of lovely prints including some fabulous Jinny Beyer pointillist dot blends in several luscious colors.  I may have to go back for some of those.  The swatches below do not do this fabric justice.

Rajasthan SprayI did buy a charcoal gray solid that feels wonderful, and two prints – one with thin wavy lines in blues and brown (very Missoni as you can see from the top photo) that’s Fusions 4 by Darcel Phillips for Robert Kaufman; and one with shades of brown, gray-brown, red and off white that looks like tiny bubbles.  I can’t believe I’m buying brown fabric.  The brown fabric (actually called stone) is by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman, from a line called Continuum.  I’m thinking urban landscape in the rain.

Fusions Collection 4: Waves Teal

Yes, I know I can get this fabric a buck or so less per yard online, but I do want to support local quilt related businesses.  Besides, you can’t pet the fabric online, or see possibilities in combining two fabrics that just happen to be a shelf or two away from each other.

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