From Physics to Fiber

I love to read the “about” section of artists’ blogs.  On a dreary winter day I was browsing the work of artist Tanya Brown on her website, and I clicked on “About Tanya Brown.” I found out she worked in the field of particle physics before becoming a graphic designer and artist.  Her artistic endeavors began with 3D computer assisted illustration, but have more recently turned to fiber along with 3D art assemblages.

What can you say about an artist who designs a gingerbread outhouse?  This is weirdly delightful stuff, yet she tackles some extremely serious themes as well, with photo realistic work sandwiched in between.  You’ll understand what I’m trying to say better once you check out the pictures below, or go to her website.



I could tell that Tanya and I share some snark DNA when I read the following remark about the Road to California quilt show on her blog:

“It’s always illuminating to look at a winners’ showcase or photos from a show. Illuminating in terms of getting a sense of what the show is about and who its target audience is. When I look at this show’s gallery, I see mostly “happy” work. There’s lots of traditional, highly symmetrical work as well as renderings of the likes of children, animals and landscapes. In keeping with the “happy” theme, the colors are mostly bright and saturated.”

Oh yeah, she doesn’t quilt on a longarm, but on her Bernina 440QE.  Here’s her take on meticulous machine quilting.
“While I admire such stitching, it simply isn’t my style. My own work has a more organic (*cough* messy *cough*) quality. I’m not particularly concerned with meditative stitching exercises on par with creating Buddhist sand paintings, such as rendering lovely feathers and precise spirals. I regard the stitching more as a tool to create marks and texture, much as I would when sketching with pencil or pen and ink.”

You rock, Tanya.

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