Trad Meets Mod

I hope you’ve had a chance to ogle some of the quilts from QuiltCon.  Lots of attendees took photos and posted them online.  What a diversity of approaches fit under the modern unbrella.  Here’s the one quilt that really caught my eye before I even knew it won best of show.

best of show quilt con 2013 by victoria wolfe

And why did it grab me?  Because my quilting roots are in traditional patterns I really love to see updates, especially when they reimagine the original pattern, not just use contemporary fabric.  This quilt honors the wedding ring pattern yet infuses it with a freshness by paring down the pattern to its essentials while adding an asymmetrical quirkiness.  Not all the blocks are the same.  Some are bare outlines of the block that dispense with the “melon” shape entirely, while others are partial blocks, and the odd complete block appears here and there. And the quilting (by Lisa Sipes, I think) is distinctly modern.  I like how the big stitching pops in and out of the piece.  Of course, the scalloped edge is so traditional though the binding color changes.  I believe much of the printed fabric used is improvisationally pieced, a technique outlined on Victoria Wolfe’s 15 Minutes of Play blog.

closeup best of show quiltcon

detail2 best of show quiltcon


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2 responses to “Trad Meets Mod

  1. Yes, you are correct. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder that great quilts are a melding of design, piecing and quilting. And the quilters often don’t get enough opportunity to be in the spotlight.

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