Views at the Quilt Show

I’ve often thought that creating a good landscape in fabric is daunting, but exhibitors at the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival seemed to have had no difficulties.

Lakeside Solace

Noriko Endo continues to wow me with her multilayer technique.  Here in “Lakeside Solace” she uses an unusual perspective on the solitary heron.

Rainy Day San Francisco

Sally Wright used her own photo of the San Francisco Bay Bridge to create “Rainy Day-San Francisco.”  I love the atmosphere conveyed in this quilt and in the Endo quilt.

Prairie Fire

Ruth Powers’ “Prairie Fire” won awards at the big Houston show and has been shown lots of other places.  Ruth does an amazing job of using all commercial fabrics to create her scenes.  I couldn’t photograph her SAQA entry, but the journal she kept while making that piece was of even greater interest to me than the work itself.  If you have a chance to see the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit, please spend some time with the artists’ journals.

Marmelade Sunset

Ludmila Aristova does cunning things with pleats and prairie points in “Marmalade Sunset.”  The shimmery fabrics used really capture light reflecting on all that glass.

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