How Long Did It Take To Make That?

Some quilts command your attention by dint of their incredible detail and bravura workmanship.  Japanese quilters seem to have cornered this market.

Flowers in My Heart

In “Flowers In My Heart” (detail shown) Noriko Kido hand pieced, hand appliqued, hand quilted, and hand embroidered her take on the Dresden Plate block.  Those little yellow circles are all hand appliqued.


“Departure” by Kiyomi Takayanagi shows yet another Japanese master of hand work.

Five Bar Blues (detail)

Diane Loomis’ “Five Bar Blues” (detail shown) is machine pieced and machine quilted with silk thread.  She used lots of trapunto.

Present (detail)

I’m not a big fan of hearts in quilts (so sue me) but the sheer number of them, and in a scalloped border, struck me in Toshiko Matsuo’s “Present.”  Of course all the work was done by hand.

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