Just Because I Like Them

This final post of photos from the Cincinnati International Quilt Festival features quilts that just appealed to me.

Holly At 4 - The Year of Discovery

Based on drawings saved by Holly Altman’s mom, this self portrait is called “Holly At 4 – the Year of Discovery.”

Birds In My Yoyo Garden

“Birds in My Yoyo Garden” by Joanne Johnson and Kim Norton combines redwork and yoyos in an ingenious method of connecting quilt as you go blocks.

Sunflower Exchange Project

This “Sunflower Exchange Project” involved 4 separate quilts made with a common fabric palette.  Before binding, the quilts were cut in fourths and each creator got 4 pieces to sew together and finish as she desired.

Paper pieced feather applique

Not all the work was on the walls.  One attendee used Marie Horner’s paper pieced feather to create her appliqued skirt.

In The Pink

“In The Pink” by Cher Cartwright is an improvisational piece that just cheers me up.


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2 responses to “Just Because I Like Them

  1. Judy

    Love Holly at four– how ingenious!

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