Home Machine Quilting Show Droolworthy Quilts

Thanks to Christa at Christa Quilts, I can ogle yet more quilts!  She took lots of photos at the May HMQS show held in Utah.  While all the quilts show quilters totally strutting their stuff, I was most captivated by these modern quilts.

2013_hmqs_coloringoutsidethelines_PriceColoring Outside the Lines by Mary K. Price reminds me of Jean Wells’ work.  I believe there’s big stitch quilting in at least the light colored blocks. I like the way a few of the blocks pooch out into the border area.

2013_hmqs_5htsquared5 HTP Squared by Jen Carlton Bailly plays right into my current obsession with circles. Note the transparency effect.

2013_hmqs_fracturedpi_ChinFractured Pi by Lisa Chin veers into art quilt territory.  The quilting is simple but effective in continuing the theme, and I like the little bits of prints thrown into the wedges.


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3 responses to “Home Machine Quilting Show Droolworthy Quilts

  1. Judy

    I absolutely love Pi. What a piece— to totally cohesive and intriguing..

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog 🙂

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