Quilters Really Are A Community

Recently some bad things happened to my quilt guild.  One good result was that I got to see how well my guild’s members reacted to the situation and came up with ways to continue the guild’s mission of education and fellowship.  In fact, the members seem inspired to return to the guild’s roots of teaching each other.  They certainly weren’t going to give up on the guild.

Thanks, ladies. When the going got tough, you got going.


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2 responses to “Quilters Really Are A Community

  1. “bad things happened” could cover a lot of territory. I hope your group heals well and can strengthen. It sounds like that is happening.

    My guild is in pretty good shape, generally, though I wish we could spur more active participation by some. Like most groups, there is a core that steps up to leadership and contribution, while others are more passive. Still, we have about 150 paid members, and last guild year we contributed more than 150 quilts for donation. Most of them go to the local hospitals, but there are other organizations we support, too. (And mostly they are beautiful quilts, too, not slap-dash “charity” offerings.)

    Best to you and the group as you move through this time.

    • Thanks for your good wishes for our guild. I don’t recommend your guild use what happened to mine (which I’m not at liberty to talk about), but it certainly has spurred active participation.

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