Just Peachy

A recent trip to a local orchard yielded a peck of peaches.  Yes, peaches do grow in Ohio.  My husband and I spread them out on our dining room table to finish ripening.  Funny how little that table is used for eating.  Instead I fold laundry and baste quilts on it.  I do make table runners for it because the poplar wood is such a pretty color. And they’re easy to whisk off when the table is actually needed.

But, back to those peaches – both of us arranged them on the table, placing them at opposite ends.

peaches_scientificpeaches_artisticGuess who did what arrangement. Hint: my husband is trained as a scientist; I’m not.

And this post does relate to fabric.  The tablecloth underneath the peaches is a hand-me-down that I plan to dye.  I hope the striped damask pattern will show up better then.


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2 responses to “Just Peachy

  1. Love this! It’s an essay in two photos.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your tablecloth will dye beautifully. I dye linen damask napkins often and the patterning in the weave shows up very nicely. The peaches are funny!

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