Trying for Subtle

As is apparent from photos of my quilts, I like to use bold vibrant color with strong contrasts. As an exercise in self-restraint I am trying to work against my natural inclinations, to make me more conscious of my color choices. So far, I’ve worked through my dislike of brown and still hope to tackle light neutrals. Who knows, maybe I’ll try to learn to write with my right hand next.

subtle_pointsSubtle Points is my latest attempt to use muted colors, spurred by some McKenna Ryan fabric I bought a while ago.  I never could get it to play with anything else in my stash until some of my hand dyes turned out muted.

I plan to quilt it with two interlocking giant triangles, like a star of David, spiraling out from the center, and then fill in the edges with echo quilting.  Since I sprained my wrist any free motion quilting is out of the question, so I’ll opt for my walking foot.

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