Is It Wonky Or Tipsy?

Except for a label, Tipsy Lampshades is done.  Since it’s a lap quilt I don’t plan to bother with a hanging sleeve.  I finally decided on a green fabric for the binding, and made the top and bottom binding wider than that on the sides.  Why?  I was trying to elongate the look of the piece.

tipsy_lampshadesThe quilting puckered up nicely when I washed it.

tipsy_lampshades_closeupAnd I’m pleased to say the inexpensive backing material (the quality is good but the print isn’t for everyone) gives a different look to the reverse side.  It certainly isn’t a dainty print.  But the African wax prints I used for the blocks aren’t shrinking violets either.

tipsy_lampshades_backI’d have to say this one leans more towards tipsy than wonky.

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