A Quilt That Whispers, Not Shouts

I think I’ve finally made a subtle quilt with nuanced colors.  I’ve mentioned Subtle Points before when it was still under construction. I just finished sewing on the hanging sleeve and placing it above my bed so now I’m ready to see if it passes the subtle test in the opinion of others.

Subtle_PointsThe brightest part of this quilt is the kind-of aqua triangles.  Those started out as a peachy colored silk crepe (from my grandmother’s legacy) that I dyed with yellows, blues and purples.  The combination really muted all the colors involved.

The pinks and purple fabrics are hand dyed old table linens and a gray bed sheet left over from a shower curtain project (from about 2001.) The grays are hand dyes by Vicki Welsh, while the outer print is a batik that’s been languishing in my stash because no one could play with it.  The bronze solid is a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton. The blobby print that started this whole project is by McKenna Ryan.

On the back I used up that McKenna Ryan print and cleaned out some other oldies from my stash.  Those drawers are getting emptier.

Subtle_Points_backThe quilting is basic, just large diamonds.  The label is a leftover block.  You can see the tuck for ease in the hanging sleeve as I hadn’t yet pulled out the basting when I took the photo.

Just to show you how hard it is for me to restrain my use of bright color, here’s an early example of my color sense.

early artworkI must have been five when I did this.  It was in some old family photos and records I’ve been scanning, and I just had to scan it, too.


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2 responses to “A Quilt That Whispers, Not Shouts

  1. It glows in the center, very effective. But truth be told, I like the back best! The asymmetry and stronger contrast are very appealing to me.

    Thanks for showing your work.

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