Amazing Quilts From Japan

Thanks to Luana Rubin of eQuilter, we can see a portion of the quilts displayed at the 2014 Tokyo Quilt Festival.  Here’s the link to her Flickr pictures. She plans to post more of her pictures later.

Luana has painstakingly given the name of each quilt’s maker, so if you do copy or repin any of her photos, please include that information.  To quote her:

One of the things I am doing is editing my photos so they include the name of the quilter one way or the other. Some of the Japanese quilters’ names have been given a transliteration from a Kanji character to Roman letters (known as Romaji) …and some have not. For the quilts whose makers names cannot be spelled out, I am using Photoshop to copy and paste the names/characters on the namecards, into the quilt photos.

Here’s one of the quilts that caught my eye.  I love the interesting setting of all that traditional applique. It’s by Fumiko Miura.

2014 Tokyo Quilt Festival

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