I’m Craft Challenged

Each day I see darling craft projects on blogs and websites. Many promise to be a snap to make.  Every once in a while I actually believe this and take on a little sewing project. Hope springs eternal, and all that.

My latest foray into a sewing craft project was an ipad/ipod/smartphone/e-reader stand shown at Factotum of Arts.  I thought it would be a nice item for my brother, whose birthday is coming up in May.  I know he’s into all the above devices and often glances at them while eating. His cat isn’t much of a meal conversationalist, unless she wants to be fed.

phone standSo, I laid out my supplies and started sewing.  When I got to the part where I was to insert a stiff piece of interfacing I realized that I needed to put two fingers inside my stand and the opening I had would barely allow one to fit.  After struggling for a while I gave up and made the opening wider with my seam ripper.  It still took me about 10 minutes to position that little interfacing strip.

Next came the stuffing. That went OK, except for the bits of fluff that clung to my clothes for the rest of the day.  My slip stitching could stand some refinement, but better sturdy than pretty has been my motto. For the top part of my stand I used ground walnut shells I had rather than the rice specified.  I think the key is to use something to give heft to the stand.

phone stand rear viewSo, two hours later my stand was finished. I’ve shown it holding my first generation Kindle (the one with the keyboard) above.

I think I could have pieced an entire lap quilt top in that amount of time. Next time I’m tempted by those oh so cute laptop cases or little zippered bags I plan to say no thanks. And really, it’s me, not the project designs.



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10 responses to “I’m Craft Challenged

  1. But you did such a good job!

    • I did indeed get this project to work out…eventually. My issue with crafts and me is that it takes me so long to make the project it’s totally cost ineffective. I can often find a bag, pouch, etc., for purchase that does the job at half the price, and gives me more time to work on the stuff I do better.

  2. It turned out great 🙂 Love the fabric. I am sure now that you made one the next one probably take you like 20 mins. I would definitely be frustrated if it took me 2 hrs as well 🙂 I am sure your brother will love it.

    • I hope you understand that your tutorial was crystal clear. Thanks for being so generous in posting it. Any problems were totally mine. I’ll find out in May how much my brother likes it.

      • Thanks. I always find that first time following someone else’s pattern takes me a long time too once I work out how to make it work for me…I am good. So, totally understand 🙂

  3. jennyklyon

    Turned out really cute though! I always have trouble on my first time through anything, even a simple cuddle quilt-you’re not alone!

    • I get what you’re saying about the next one going much faster. Unfortunately, with me there’s usually a long enough gap between first and second go rounds that I forget all that I learned with the first one.

  4. Judy

    I so agree! Cute cute cute… but not for me. All I need to do is remind myself of the oh-so-simple retro apron that turned out to be lined with puffy pockets– what was I thinking??

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