New Fabric Source

A recent online search for Marcia Derse fabric led me to Delta Patchwork, an online fabric store that was previously unknown to me.  I’ve had good and bad experiences with shopping for fabric online, but I decided to try this outfit as my local quilt shops don’t carry Marcia’s fabric.  Shipping was free for orders over $40, prices were a bit lower than those in some other online stores, and there was a decent clearance section, so I went ahead.

To my amazement and delight, my order was shipped just a few hours after I placed it. I ordered on Monday and the fabric was on my doorstep on Thursday. Almost instant gratification! And that was with free shipping.

Oh yeah, here’s some of what I ordered.

new fabricThe three middle fabrics are by Marcia Derse.  All are for a landscape piece I’ve just started work on. I also ordered some solids.

Please don’t take this as an ad or paid endorsement of Delta Patchwork.  I never dealt with them before and received no incentives from them. However, I like to note when a fabric related business does something right.

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2 responses to “New Fabric Source

  1. I rarely order fabric, but I do love Marcia Derse! Thanks for the info.

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