Post Piracy Update

Apparently there’s no fury like a quilter robbed of content.  The offending website has been taken down, though it’s anybody’s guess as to how long it is before another variant pops up.  Here’s a link to Lily’s Quilts that gives more details of the aftermath.


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2 responses to “Post Piracy Update

  1. Judy C

    What most people do not realize is that Internet copyright works differently from books, music, etc. The website author does not need to file for copyright. As soon as it hits the’net, it is copyrighted. It is a good idea to make that formal statement for the masses who are unaware of it.

    • I realize that people who steal content online aren’t bothered by niceties such as copyright, but WordPress and other blogging platforms recommend a copyright statement as a way to say, you’ve been warned…

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