I’m So Square

The pieces for my Working in Series class at the online Academy of Quilting are turning into jigsaw puzzles.  I decided to base my first series on construction paper blocks I had made with different arrangements of squares.  My ulterior motive was to knock off a challenge for a local fiber arts group I belong to. Our colors are restricted to black, white, and two colors we drew out of a paper bag. Our piece can be no larger than 15 by 30 inches.

I’m not wild about the piece I made that fits the challenge criteria.  I’m fonder of a slightly larger attempt that uses only three of the challenge colors.  I could make it fit the challenge by using a black binding, but  I don’t think a binding will look good on it.

Square series cyan

To continue the series, I switched to red, gray, and lemon yellow (the same yellow that’s in the piece above.) I made up only three of the blocks I had designed.  Here are the results in various configurations.

squares 2.4

squares 2.3

sqaures 2.2 Maybe I could finish each block separately, attach them to a backing with velcro, and allow the viewers to rearrange the blocks “as desired.” That’s partly a joke, but not entirely.

My latest variation was to use different values of just one color plus light gray, with one block at 10 inches, with the rest at 5 inches.  I’m trying to keep to the 15, 20, 25, 30, etc., inch size.

Working in Series J. Mack aqua squares 2Working in Series J. Mack aqua squares 3Here are two possible settings with the 10 inch, 5 inch blocks. I think I’ll make another version of the 10 inch block and see what interactions that has with the smaller blocks.

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2 responses to “I’m So Square

  1. jennyklyon

    These all are quite cool-all the combinations look great to me. It’s a bummer when you think you can satisfy two challenges and then it doesn’t quite fit!

    • I’ve been working up other color combinations for more of these 15 inch square pieces. However, this work for my Working in Series class has been put on the back burner while I complete some quilty gifts.

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