Silk Screening, Part 2

Earlier this year I experimented with silk screening on the budget plan.  The results were so-so and I was eager to cover my tracks, so to speak, with more layers.

As always, my difficulties come in the technical aspects.  In the case of silk screening I plop down either too much or too little paint. This causes either incomplete shapes or paint blobs outside the lines of the shapes.

One good thing about imperfect samples is you’re not worried about ruining earlier work.

star silk screen on dyed clothHere I overprinted Pond Scum (that’s the name of the color) over purple.

frond and ginkyo silk screen on dyed clothSome ginkyo leaves in Blue Hawaii over purple fronds.

ginkyo silk screen 2 layersMore ginkyo leaves in Blue Hawaii over leaves in Pond Scum.

leaf silk screen 2 colorsAnd, finally, Pond Scum over Recycle.

I like the two color effect which would have been even better if I had always started with the lightest color. And I’d be interested to know if there’s a special art school class in naming paint colors.


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5 responses to “Silk Screening, Part 2

  1. I have a fun little book called Colorscape: An Around the World Guide to Color by Naomi Kuno and the Color Intelligence Institute. It looks like a bunch of paint sample cards, but the author grouped the colors by the theme of the names they have been given. So for India, there are Sari Green, Calcutta Curry, and Delhi Brass. She says she got the names from “authoritative color dictionaries and manuals.”
    It’s fun to flip through for inspiration. “Pond scum” is not included though! 🙂

    • For geographic color names I could contribute NE Ohio road salt white, Kansas tall grass rust, and Carolina sky blue. And I hadn’t realized there were authoritative color dictionaries.

      • Me either! And the author doesn’t give titles, so we will have to scope out more info on our own.

        I love your suggestions for color names – I can see them together in one piece!

  2. jennyklyon

    Uh, never took the naming colors class-guess you can tell! I’m enjoying your experiments-I’ve not tried this yet. Ginkyo leaves are my fav so far!

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