Stamping Out New Fabric

I began trying out techniques from Intentional Printing with stamping.  Instead of carving erasers or linoleum blocks, Lynn shows how to cut up sheets of self adhesive foam to create a stamp. This is great for knife challenged folks like myself.

Armed with the flaps from a cardboard box and a packet of multicolored 8 by 11 inch foam sheets I created a stamp, slathered it with fabric paint, and stamped away.

stamp makingstamping set upI used two pieces of my mother-in-law’s old tea service cloth that I had dyed a light purple, and a piece from a damask tablecloth that got the bright orange treatment.  My other supplies were a foam brush, a container that once held mushrooms, and some Folk Art fabric paint in a color called Asphaltum. The folks who made my car called the same color Urban Titanium.  Just think grungy half paved road and you’ll get the idea.

stamping on lavenderstamping on orange damaskI plan to add more to these pieces, possibly more stamping (on the diagonal?) or some other surface adornment.  I was amazed at how easy this was. Cheap, too.


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2 responses to “Stamping Out New Fabric

  1. Something rounded stamped on top… VERY cool. Like something even I could do. 🙂

    • This technique was as advertised – simple. I think even first graders could pull this off. And yes to something round as the next level. The book suggests using cut up pool noodles as stamps.

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