Details, Details

I’m wrapping up my Canada quilt series with shots of quilt details that caught my eye. The first set of photos are from the government sponsored art project.

Azra Momin detail

Irma Bull detail

Karen Sirianni detail 2

Karen Witteveen detail

Albert Cote

Photos in the next set were taken at Abstracted (FAN) and the invitational show for teachers, lecturers, organizers, etc. I was lax about getting all the makers’ names.


Barcelona Fruit Stand Abstract detail

Okanagan Landscape representational detail


The next photos show blocks from the group African-themed quilt created for the 2015 Mennonite relief sale in New Hamburg, Canada.





If the Quilt Canada 2014 organizers ever post photos of all 150 plus quilts in the show I’ll alert you about the link. In the meantime, here’s a link to photos Luana Rubin took at the show. This ends my Canadian journey. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.






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4 responses to “Details, Details

  1. The detailed shots are wonderful–so inspiring to see what a difference little things make to the overall design!

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