Occasional Wednesday Salon

To change it up a bit, I’m featuring an art quilt exhibit called Living Colour! a travelling textile art exhibition from Down Under.  The exhibit contains 32 “vibrant works celebrating life across the spectrum.”

Each work is 100 cm high x 40 cm wide. For those of us who are metrically challenged, that translates to about 40 by 16 inches. Most of the artists are Australian, and their works focus on nature with a heavy emphasis on plants/flowers.  The general style is realistic/impressionistic with a few more abstract pieces.

Here are different artists’ interpretations of that set theme.

6 gouldian finchesSix Gouldian Finches by Linden Lancaster

The abstract background of this piece really appeals to me with its light to dark gradation suggestive of the sky. In contrast, the birds are rendered realistically. I think the artist was successful in melding the two styles.

Buffalo Gourd -BusbyBuffalo Gourd by Betty Busby

A weed from the American southwest is transfigured into elegance. Those aqua-ish touches contrast nicely with the yellowing leaves. And I love the texture of the leaves. Again, I like the background, this one shading from dark to light.

Illuminate -BaconIlluminate by Jenny Bacon

This abstract piece represents fields of canola in bloom. Can’t you just feel that August sun?

Chlorophyll - FirthChlorophyll by Dianne Firth

Now we’re getting meta with a representation of changes in hues  that “reflect the variety of greens found in plant material and the changes that occur to plant tissue as it moves through its life cycle.” I give the artist props for portraying a pigment critical to photosynthesis rather than a plant. Besides, I love color value gradations.

You can look at details from each work on the exhibit’s website and you can see the exhibit in person at the following upcoming shows in the U.S.:


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4 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. I’m always amazed at the vibrant and beautiful art quilts coming out of Australia. They have so much less to work with, in terms of materials and books and supplies, than we do here in the ‘States. Even now, with internet shopping, they still have to “make do” and “do” they certainly accomplish! Thanks for the link, since there’s no way I can get to any of those shows. At least I can enjoy the quilts on line!

  2. These are just wonderful! I can’t even pick a favorite, although I just read another blog, with a photo of a canola field in bloom so that one really jumped out at me. I love the quilting around the sun and the way it radiates heat.

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