Ice Capades

Take 22 pounds of ice, lots of plastic containers, a baker’s dozen of dye powders, a large bucket of soda ash solution, and several yards of fabric.  Soak fabric in solution, squeeze, drape artistically over racks in containers, cover with ice, sprinkle on dye, and wait 24 hours. Rinse thoroughly.

rinsing fabric

Results on Kona PFD using sun yellow and boysenberry dyes.

kona ice dyekona ice dye 2

Results on Pimatex PFD with strong red and periwinkle.

pimatex red periwinklepimatex red periwinkle 2

Results with boysenberry and periwinkle on peach colored silk crepe.

peach silk icepeach silk ice 2

Damask tablecloth (next to last one I have from my mother-in-law) in periwinkle with green and ?, and boysenberry and strong red.

tablecloth periwinkletablecloth boysenberry

My friend had lovely results as well. The green pieces were stacked and dyed together, with the lighter one on top. The embroidery must have been done with polyester thread as it didn’t take the dye. But it makes for a more interesting effect.

JC's embroidered ice

Next time we’ll try tray or gradient dyeing. There’s still lots of summer left.



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2 responses to “Ice Capades

  1. This looks like a lot of fun and a great way to spend a nice day outside! Are the fabrics for a specific project or will you add them to your stash?

    • These are destined for the stash. I suspect I’ll end up using them in small pieces to take advantage of the patterns formed by the melting ice. The tablecloth piece will have to be handled carefully as the damask is a bit unstable. I think I’ll need to back it with fusible interfacing if I use it as a large piece. Though I love how the woven in pattern shows through.

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