Occasional Wednesday Salon

While much social media leaves me scratching my head, I’m a devotee of Pinterest.  It’s introduced me to fabric art I would never have found otherwise.  I discovered Merle Axelrad through this photo of detail from Yuba River 2.

Merle Axelrad 1

She describes her work as fabric collage and says her goal is to capture light and movement. Each piece contains thousands of fabric pieces that depict impressionistic landscapes. They are very place specific. I immediately recalled a trip to California I took over 20 years ago when I saw her Marin Headlands.

Marin Headlands Merle Axelrad

Marin Headlands detailIn the detail photo of Marin Headlands you can see the number of fabrics that go into her work.

You can get a glimpse of how she works in this video about her commissioned piece California Ricelands. This is based on many aerial photos.

California Ricelands Merle Axelrad

Tree 1 Merle AxelradI think I’ve hiked past this tree that’s hanging onto its rocky hillside.

One of Merle’s special talents is the ability to convey flowing water in fabric. Sierra Water shows still water, while in Sierra Stream 3 I can feel that icy water tumbling over the rocks.

Sierra Water Merle Axelrad

Sierra Stream 3 Merle Axelrad



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6 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. This is amazing work–you’re right, the water depictions defy the imagination! I’d love to see her work in person so I could get close!

  2. Stunning – love the layering and textures! =)

  3. jennyklyon

    Merle lives in my area and has spoken at my guild. She is an amazing artist. When I first moved to California I happened by her studio and she took the time to show her work and process to me-she’s a gem!

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