Child’s Play

With the frost on the pumpkins, this dyeing season has closed at my house. However, there are still ways to color fabric even with the dye buckets packed away. The easiest, hands down, is to use tissue paper.

You may remember this craft from grade school. With some fabric, some brightly colored tissue paper that will bleed (we used Spectra brand,) and some water you can watch boring white fabric become a rainbow of colors.

tissue_paper_tubHere the PFD fabric is draped over the cat litter tray (never used for that purpose), sprayed with water, and layered with tissue. A final spray encourages the paper to bleed.

tissue_paper_bleedingHere are stacks soaking on newspapers. There are plastic bags under each stack. After about an hour or so the tissue was mostly spent and was removed.

tissue_paper_greenstissue_paper_leavesBoth of the above were done on previously dyed/painted/stamped fabrics.

tissue_paper_organzaThis was done on silk organza to use as an overlay on a landscape.

tissue_paper_pinksNo, my camera wasn’t out of focus. The paper bled like that.

Here are some of the effects my friend got.

IMG_0063IMG_0064Looks like she’s already used some of her fabric.

The good points about this technique: easy, little mess; good to do with children; it can be used on silk; layered papers produce new colors. The bad points: the fabric can’t be washed without losing most of the color; the colors may fade with time; the effects are smudgy.

If you’re interested, we followed a tutorial at Dharma Trading, plus we checked out other online resources. We did add vinegar to the water spray and found it helped to spray the fabric before adding the paper.





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2 responses to “Child’s Play

  1. Interesting–I had no idea! Some of the results are really attractive.

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