In Others’ Words

Sometimes (heck, many times) other bloggers say things so much better than I can. I want to highlight some posts, on a variety of subjects, that do just that.

First, a post about blogging itself, from The Altered Page. Thanks to elle in da coop for this link.

Next, a great humorous piece about that goody two shoes of quilting, Sunbonnet Sue, from Love Those “Hands At Home.”

Continuing with another post from Kerry, here’s her photo essay on autumn. I hope to use some of these images for a landscape quilt, and yes, I’ve asked her permission to do so.

Blue Mountain Daisy, from Australia, spins a wonderful story from her hexagons. For the sake of this tale I’ll put up with rabbits on fabric.

And I can’t leave out Textile Ranger’s explorations of ancient Cretan textiles.

Investigative reporting on a quilter’s blog. Why not? Melanie of Catbird Quilt Studio checks out the veracity of underground railroad quilt codes here and here. Unfortunately, this story is sometimes presented as fact in schools.

Oh right, you’re probably looking for a picture. Here’s a small quilt I made a few years ago called Autumn Whispers. It’s based on a workshop I did with Vikki Pignatelli.

Autumn Whispers


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10 responses to “In Others’ Words

  1. Oh, and I just went and read the hexagon post–brilliant!

  2. Hey, I just found this! Thanks for liking my posts enough to include them in such good company! I always look forward to posts by the Textile Range and Melanie–isn’t it neat that we’ve all sort of found each other?

    • I was telling an in-person friend that one of the unexpected benefits of blogging is the blog pals I’ve found. And your posts are always so much more than a quilt and a sentence.

  3. Pam

    Thanks, Joanna, for introducing me to some really interesting blogs and posts. I look forward to expanding my quilting horizons . . .

  4. Thanks for the mention! And I love the freeform shape of the quilt.
    I love Melanie’s work on the story of the underground railroad quilts and I may start carrying that URL around on a business card to hand to people when they bring up that subject.
    And I love Kerry’s blog too; she is so very eloquent.

    • My intent was to focus on good stuff being written by others. But posts without pix are blah, and I don’t have any Halloween themed work. Though I did just buy some orange fabric.

  5. Thanks for the links. I’ll check out the others in a bit.

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