An Easier Way To Join Binding Ends

Try this ridiculously easy trick—just kidding—but I did find an easier way to get the ends of my quilt bindings sewn together. Back in the day, quilters were advised to tuck the tail into the binding start that had the edge turned under. This left you with an unsightly bulge.


Then, other methods were put forth to join the two ends at a 45 degree angle. In fact, there’s even a gadget sold to help you do this.


I’ve been using my own version of Sharon Shaumber’s method, which works but is a bit awkward. Then, I found a new method on one of my Pinterest feeds. It advertised ease and success, so I saved it and tried it out for my recent binding marathon (3 quilts in 2 weeks.)

This method comes from McCall’s Quilting, of all places, and you can watch a video on how to use it. If still photos suit you better, you can check them out as well. The instructions are simple and clear. (Editorial note: I would like to know how come the sincere and helpful folks who star in these videos don’t get some advice on their appearance before shooting these things. Even librarians dress better, and that’s going some.)

Easy? Yes. Successful? On my first try I had to resew my 45 degree angle seam to take up some slack as I had more fabric in the binding than I had quilt to attach it to. After that I knew how tight I needed to pull the binding and didn’t have that problem again.

I’m adding this method to my tutorials page.


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18 responses to “An Easier Way To Join Binding Ends

  1. That is exactly how I do mine too, and showed in a tutorial on my blog. I have a four part tutorial on the whole process. It is probably a lot like the McCalls one, but I haven’t watched the whole thing. I almost bought one of those rulers, but figured nah, rather have more fabric, LOL!!

  2. Reblogged this on Free Form Quilts and commented:
    Oh Snarky Quilter! Thank you for posting the link to the McCall’s video. She explains it so concisely and well demonstrates it. Why recreate something that’s so well done.. unless you want to wear nail polish or something. But when I put that stuff on, it just looks clumpy and totally bad on my man hands. (I’m not a man, just have man hands)

  3. I have no idea when I’ll have another quilt ready for binding so I hope I can remember this! I think I generally find only the hardest ways to do things . . .

  4. It’s how I learned to do it. 🙂 I’ve been doing it like this for years… so easy!

    • I guess it’s better late to the party than never for me.

      • I’m sure that if I wasn’t self-teaching myself so much, I would have learned it the other way (every quilter I know does it), but I went to You Tube! LOL!

      • You just leapfrogged over obsolete techniques and got to the latest method. Some quilters I know wouldn’t think about YouTube as a resource; they learned from their peeps. Others have taught themselves to quilt totally from YouTube.

      • I would LOVE to learn from peeps… I have no peeps here. LOL! I am yet to find anyone that quilts in my area. I have my wonderful mother-in-law that teaches me as much as she can, but she lives 16 hours away and we see each other once, maybe twice a year. My community is YouTube. Sad really, but at least I have it!

      • Well then, we are your online peeps.

  5. Reblogged this on Catbird Quilt Studio and commented:
    Joanna the Snarky Quilter links a great binding tutorial from McCall’s. Ever have trouble making the ends meet *just* right? This will show you. It’s how I’ve been finishing my ends, and I get great results. It’s easy, too.

  6. Will take a look. I’ve finally streamlined my own process to as efficient and successful as I can manage. I used to tuck in the tail, too, and was always annoyed that it wasn’t really done “right.” Thanks.

    • Okay, watched it. This is EXACTLY how I do mine. Will also be linking in my tutorial set, and reblogging this, if that’s okay.

      • Feel free. You are ahead of the pack, and have saved yourself the cost of that binding gizmo. Plus, you won’t have to make a video. Kind of off topic, but the one time I was filmed I came across as someone with a debilitating disease of the limbs that caused jerkiness.

  7. Judy

    Thanks for finding this. I will try it next… although I now have many preferred methods of finishing that do NOT include a mitred binding!

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