The Quilter’s Filter

I find that my quilting interests skew how I decode the personal meaning of objects and news. Just the other day I went to an art exhibit that included beautiful stained glass kaleidoscopes. The artist had made some simple ones the viewer could peek through. I did so, looked at the various paintings with it, and immediately thought, what a great tool for designing a quilt. Yes, I know Paula Nadelstern’s work. (Fun fact: Her last name means needle star in German.)


Another example is my reaction to the Pantone color of 2015 – marsala. All I could think was that fabric in that color would really bleed. My personal experience with a burgundy (the wine theme again) colored binding has scarred me for life.

marsala-color-pantone-2015I find I look at photographs differently. A photo of a vintage Knoll furniture ad inspired a quilting design.










And of course photos are wonderful sources of quilt design ideas. Here’s one that I hope to realize in silks, possibly silk organza. I’ve already mentally edited this image, so most of the foreground would be eliminated.

quilt_ideaI’ll save examples of how I and other quilters look at trips to a hardware or drug store for another time, but I know my husband thinks I’m strange for saving the styrofoam trays from the grocery. He doesn’t understand they make great paint palettes.


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2 responses to “The Quilter’s Filter

  1. What you say here is so true! My hobbies influence the way I see the rest of the world so much. Whether it’s weaving, quilting, even the candy making, everything I see is processed in terms of the possibilities for creativity and expression.

    • I recall the different way I viewed the physical dangers of my house – table edges, stairs, and the like – when my son was a toddler. I had forgotten that view until I spent some time with a great niece. As I age I may be spending time reviewing those dangers once again – for me.

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