Oh No, It’s Still In My Stash

A review of my January 2014 post about fabric I hoped to use over the year reveals that I have failed abysmally.  Only one, Migratory Lace, made it into anything I did in 2014. And what’s worse, I’ve rewarded my irresponsible behavior by purchasing more fabric.

orange peel pillow detailMigratory Lace in a pillow with another hard to use fabric

Evaluation of the elements common to my always-a-bridesmaid fabrics reveals the following: they are prints in colors that clash with everything else in my stash, and at the time of purchase I thought they would make a dazzling quilt.

I seem to have the same problem when I buy new clothes. The top I thought would breathe new life into some old pants turns out to be a shade off, or too short or long. Even if I buy nothing but black, they are different shades of black.

So why do I keep repeating this mistake? I think it’s because enough of my impulse purchases have worked out to make me think lightening will strike twice.

I have learned that I’ll always find a use for solids, even browns, and need to keep my supplies of black, white and gray topped up. Same goes for batiks that don’t have a strong pattern. And I seem to work McKenna Ryan fabric into lots of quilts. I’ve also learned to steer away from many of the modern print fabrics. They are enticing, but the color palettes don’t seem to work with anything but the rest of their collection.

I have a weakness for ombre fabrics, stripes, and the Grunge line from Moda’s Basic Gray.

little-black-dress-grunge-cotton-fabric-grey-4Stripes I like have been hard to come by lately, but I found some ombre fabrics last year. This is the Gelato line by Daiwabo, a Japanese company. And I just bought a jellyroll (my first one ever) of Caryl Bryer Fallert gradients.

19 Gelato kit finalThis year I’ll see if I can arrange some fabric swaps, or put the old stuff on a quilt back.



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2 responses to “Oh No, It’s Still In My Stash

  1. Stephanie

    I’ve felt weighted down by my stash lately. I bought some pieces so long ago, and i still like them, but they don’t’ work for anything. This year I want to use most of it up.

    • You might pull them out and see if they inspire any particular quilt design. Sometimes the old splashy print combined with solids/almost solids combo works great. And maybe they could be deconstructed into strips or small pieces and combined. Then, some may lend themselves to fussy cutting for block centers.

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