The Big Project

My 2015 “must make” list includes a modern drunkards path. I was entranced with this mockup of such a quilt I found on Pinterest, so I resolved to develop my own version.

drunkards path ideaThe design is from Anne Sullivan at She may have created it for the Quilt Design A Day challenge. Her Flickr page is fun to look at.

To show how serious I am about this, I’ve drafted a pattern that should finish at 50 inches by 70 inches, and possibly larger depending on border choices.

DP layout sketchThe x’s will be dark fabric, while the o’s will be light. I plan to have the blocks finish at 5 inches, and have used templates I made from Angela Pingel’s A Quilter’s Mixology book.

modern DP templates Angela Pingel

I had considered making the ground out of my dark fabric but realized I wouldn’t have enough of the Kaffe Fassett fabric I planned to use. I bought a selection of 6 inch assorted strips, and cut them up into squares.

Kaffe Fassett squaresOh my, it must have been sunny the day I took this picture.

Next, I traced the Ls and fat pieces using my templates and cut them out.

DP cut pieces

I cut the squares on the right from the fabric leftover from the Ls.

Right now all the pieces reside in a plastic shoebox to await marking of the curve centers. I think that will be a good use of TV commercial time.


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6 responses to “The Big Project

  1. My favorite fabrics! Looking forward to see your new quilt.

  2. That looks like it will be stunning!I love your fabric choices!

  3. sandy

    Cha….cha…..chaaa….aaa….aaa..n, cha….cha….chain. Love it! I love playing around with old patterns and making new geometric shapes.

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