Hazy In Focus

I’ve just finished the boring, hand sewing bit of the facings on A Hazy Shade Of Winter, so I declare it done, even though it lacks a hanging sleeve.

Using a walking foot I quilted in a ghost tree. It’s outlined in 12 weight purple thread and filled in with curvy bark. I quilted the spaces between the branches with straight rows of stitching done in 40 weight variegated gray thread. I love how the texture under my fingers reminds me of tree bark.

Hazy 1I hope these detail photos show the quilting better.

Hazy detail 1

Hazy detail 2

I considered two other quilting designs – echoing around each column of trees and running angular oblique lines from side to side. After drawing these out on photos of the quilt I decided on the ghost tree.

The fabric on the back is one I’ve been trying to use for years. I love it, but it wouldn’t play with anything else. I like to think it gives an intimation of spring. The label is an extra block.

Hazy back

Technical details: it is 27 by 38 inches, and is finished with a facing.


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14 responses to “Hazy In Focus

  1. This is just great–it captures so well that look and feel of bare winter branches. I think the idea of quilting the ghost tree was inspired!

    • Thanks for liking the ghost tree. Just for the record, I’m now officially tired of that bare winter look, at least outside. So far this week I’ve seen a fox and a coyote trot down my street. I live 10 minutes from downtown Akron, mind you.

  2. I love it! Perfect use of that fabric and I love how the piecing and labeling continues the theme from the front. Very, very beautiful!

  3. A wonderful story about a wonderful little quilt. I relish reading about the pondering process of creating. And, What a great ending, the hint of spring fabric that found it’s place. Thank you for sharing.

  4. jennyklyon

    Fabulous-love it! It really evokes a feeling with the hazieness and the linear quilting keeps my eye in the piece.

  5. Stephanie

    I love it. The ghost tree really sets it off well.

  6. Simply lovely. Reminds me of walking through the Nature Preserve in the late winter. And now the song is going through my head. Thanks so much for good memories.

    Be well.

  7. I really like your ghost tree quilting and the backing fabric works well!! This is a beautiful art quilt and you are a very talented quilter.

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