Will Work For Fabric

Recently I started helping with the costumes for a community theater production of Oklahoma. So far I’ve been trusted with some hemming and pressing, though I have hopes of a promotion to serging soon. But the busy work is fine by me as I get to watch the costume designer work magic with the unlikeliest of fabrics. His attention to detail shames me.

My reward for hand hemming skirts with six gores (think a 3/4 circle) was to rummage through fabric donation boxes and carry off whatever took my fancy. So here’s my haul.

I have no idea what disordered mind combined leopard skin print and sequins, but here’s the result, and I have over 2 yards. The silvery side looks like chain mail.

leopard skin with sequinsContinuing with the sparkly theme, I also brought home some turquoise knit covered with sequins in a meander pattern.

turquoise knit with sequinsAnd still more synthetics, this time lots of organza.

synthetic organzaMy favorite is this dark green velvet that is so pettable. My camera refuses to get the color right.

green velvetI also got some lime green flannel and black wool suiting material. I may felt the latter.

I have no particular project in mind for this stuff, but it’s great to have fabric to play with that I won’t worry about wasting, as it cost me nothing. (Yes, I realize I did actually work for it, but it was an unexpected bonus.)



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19 responses to “Will Work For Fabric

  1. I would not dare to even try to hem skirts for a theatre production. My sewing stops completely at quilting. Will be fun to see what you come up with to use those fabrics, though I am not expecting anything soon.

    • It turns out that a childhood spent in my granny’s sewing room made some impressions on my developing mind. And I’m learning techniques each time I head up to the costume department. I have vague plans for some of my “paycheck” but am stumped on that leopardskin sequined fabric.

  2. And will we be hearing more about the costumes? Pictures, maybe?
    Interesting choices of fabric! I look forward to seeing what you do with them, too.

  3. patty

    I was gifted boxes of fancy fabrics from a costumer. I have used a small amount of it, but as I don’t make art quilts it all just sits in a storage box, but then again you never know …

  4. Our youngest daughters theater experience was sewing dozens of Nun habits for a high school “Sound of Music” production. This effectively ended her theater career.

  5. mmm yummy! My mom was a costumer so I grew up with lots of unlikely fabrics around. Still, they were for work, not play. I never spent time experimenting with any. LOVE the turquoise (named for the stone mined by Turks…) On the other hand, I recently donated a big bag full of decorator fabric. The best one was yards of a heavy satin taffeta, woven with a harlequin diamond all in creams, with tiny dots of color at the intersections. Elegant, more elegant than my life will ever be. 🙂

    • I earmarked the velvet for a creation made with my silks. The sparkly stuff will await a surrealistic piece. I was thinking of using the turquoise for an underwater scene. Wait, you got rid of fabric? That taffeta sounds perfect for a princess of power gown.

  6. I will definitely look forward to what you come up with as a plan for all that! I challenge you to use them all together, in one piece! 😉

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