Fantastic Fabric Fun Retreat

Take 7 quilters; load up their vehicles with sewing machines, fabric, and lots of supplies; and stir them together in a house designed for quilt retreats. Garnish with good food and wine. Result: recipe for fab weekend in Charm, Ohio.

We were serious about playing with fabric, and experimented with a lot of techniques.

Monoprinting on gelatin plates

Gelatin plates

Knox gelatin plates

Monoprinting results

Rusting Fabric

Rust and wine

Wine added

Raw materials for rusted fabric

Result of dump diving

Rusted fabric examples

Variety of results

Sun Printing

More sunprinting with hardware

Washer whirl

Sunprinting with hardware


Thermofax Screen Printing

Thermofax screen printing 1

Circles screen overprinted with 3 colors

Wildflower screen print

Wildflower screen print

Shaving Cream and Inks

Shaving cream and inks

Comb used for marbling


Jewelry stamp

Sand dollar pendant mounted on cardboard

And some folks actually made quilts. Of course, we managed to visit the quilt shop next door at least once, maybe twice.


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10 responses to “Fantastic Fabric Fun Retreat

  1. You got so much accomplished! Did each person take responsibility for planning one of the activities?
    I especially love the wildflower screen print.

  2. patty

    Thanks for posting pictures of you fun retreat! After hearing of what a great time you had in Charm at the last MQG meeting, it is nice to see pictures of some of the results.

  3. I’m new to your blog and enjoying your posts. This retreat must have been a blast! Such wonderful results!

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