I Can’t Believe I Followed A Pattern

Well, almost. I made it bigger.

I’ve been buying black and white prints for some time, and I was more than ready to use them.  A simple wall hanging pattern, Ladora by Kim Schaefer in her Bright and Bold Cozy Modern Quilts, caught my eye. I thought it would allow the diverse fabric prints to star.

The directions are clear but sparse and I miscounted a few times as I enlarged the wall hanging to a lap quilt. Right now it’s about 80 inches long by 60 inches wide. Here are my miscuts. Somehow I misread 7.5 inches for 6.5 inches, so the pieces were too short.


I have quite a fabric scramble going on – Marcia Derse, aboriginal, home dec, batik, Kona solids, 30s repro, and some scraps from the 1990s.

Black and white meet

Once I’ve sewn the strips together I can figure out how to quilt it. Right now I’m thinking of long straight lines of different color thread to make a plaid. First, however, I have to find enough fabric for a back.


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18 responses to “I Can’t Believe I Followed A Pattern

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  2. Thanks for sharing the your quilt project and the quilt designer name. Wonderful colors – just perfect match to the pattern. Never heard of Nancy Mahoney or Kim Schaefer – must look them up.

  3. I like that! I love the combination of fabrics, especially those striped and zebra-ish prints. The design really shows them off.

  4. It’s gorgeous! And even the best artists submit to patterns sometimes 😉

  5. I like this quilt a lot!

  6. Celia

    Love your ability to improvise on the pattern. Great looking quilt.

  7. The design is a good use of space and your fabrics really make it stunning. I’ll look forward to seeing it finished.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I put a different book of hers on hold at the library. I have several others to go back in a few days…

    • She may be one of those reliable pattern designers who never get the limelight like some others. Nancy Mahoney is another under recognized pattern designer whose work I’ve used, especially for paper piecing. And I look forward to seeing this one finished as well. I’ve found backing material but have to find space to make my quilt sandwich.

  8. Nice quilt! That Kim Shaeffer book is one of my favs on the rare occasions when I follow a pattern

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