Different Kinds of Quilting Scraps

I confess to a weakness for good informational graphics.  Edward Tufte’s books on information design and data visualization continue to fascinate me.  Occasionally my eye is caught by nicely packaged quilting related graphics.

Thanks to Quilter’s Pastiche, I found a great chart for quilting related acronyms.

tumblr_nvvwx30bcL1rtyq4xo2_500 quilting acronymsMy favs are FART, WOMBAT, FOB, and SABLE.

Here’s a handy guide to batting from Fabric Depot.





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15 responses to “Different Kinds of Quilting Scraps

  1. Great list of acronyms! I especially love WHIMM and WWIT…and I suspect I have already passed the SABLE boundary…

  2. Funny–a very similar list of acronyms was just included in our guild’s newsletter!

  3. Thanks for sharing this — fun and informative.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I think batting especially confuses people, even us experienced quilters! I found this list of acronyms and other terms. It’s even longer! and might be the source of those above.

    • There’s definitely a lot of overlap between the acronym lists. And batting! What irritates me is when the composition of a brand I’ve used successfully seems to have changed with the latest package. I’ve become leery of batting purchased at Joann’s for this reason.

  5. Thanks for sharing this chart with your readers. I am going to share it on Facebook for my quilter friends. I enjoy your blog.

  6. Pam

    WISP, WWIT and WHIMM apply directly to me.

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