It’s Show Time

I love viewing quilt exhibits on line, especially those held at locations I have no chance of traveling to. Here are links to some recent shows I’ve viewed.

The Open European Quilt Championship in Maastricht, Netherlands

Dineke Ugen

The Sisters (Oregon) Outdoor Quilt Show teachers tent

Shirley's Stars Sisters Quilt Show

All the quilts in the modern quilt showcase at the 2015 Houston International Quilt Festival

Deise and GoodwinI have mixed feelings about the quilts shown in the above photo. The one on the right seems very modern, yet the one on the left seems traditional. In fact, the only modern aspects of that one are the color changes in the half square triangles and flying geese.  I hope it’s the photo that makes the diagonal lines that go from corner to corner look curved. And you can see a piecing error in the upper right corner. Or maybe that was intentional.  My point is, I’ve seen very similar quilts in books of historic quilts where the maker ran out of a fabric and had to substitute others.


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11 responses to “It’s Show Time

  1. I like the very first one best–I don’t know why. I think it’s the colors and because I keep seeing something new in it. And, predictably, I really like the one you say isn’t modern!

    • Just because I think a quilt doesn’t fit the definition of “modern” doesn’t mean it isn’t an artfully designed quilt. I’m just amused at what gets called modern. Right now I’m reading “The Amish Quilt” and the photos show stuff that’s way more modern than what was shown in Houston.

  2. After looking up Alexis Deise and seeing her other work, I’m incline to think that turned patch (in Kintsugi I ) is intentional.

  3. Thanks for the links. And your observation on the last photo… interesting.

  4. I love the one in the top photo! I assume the circles were quilted and then painted? And great use of gradation on the sides. Really well composed over all.

    As to the “modern” medallion, I thought it was very nice but not modern in any regard. The one on the right is attractive but also reminds me of a rug I might buy at Lowes. I like it better than that sentence might imply.

    • I looked at the link for the European Open. Looks like at least some of the circle parts are appliqued rather than painted on. Also enjoyed seeing the Kathy Loomis piece there. The colors don’t grab me but I liked the concept.

    • I like to see the work of European quilters as their aesthetic is different from that of U.S. quilters (or Australian or…) I wish I knew how that quilt was constructed. I want to examine it closely. As to the modern quilts in the last photo, I can see the influence of graphic designers in some modern quilts. You are right that the pattern could be from a woven rug, possibly a Native American one.

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