Getting Mixed Up

I’ve taken up mixed media to help expand my repertoire of ways to work with fabric. In this instance I’m coloring tissue papers with ink dyes, sealing them with matte gel medium, fusing them to interfacing or fabric, and using the resulting product as fabric.  It’s part of an online course I’m taking. Here’s an example of a piece that’s ready to use.


Along the way I began applying the colored tissue directly to fabric with gel medium or Yes Paste. A while back I colored fabric with bleeding tissue paper so I had a stock of those papers. I tore up strips and glued them onto drill cloth with the following results.

MackJoannaBleedingTissuePastedSince I had made more organza leaves I decided to sew them onto my collaged fabric, along with some ribbon. I also sandwiched the top with a piece of felt and fabric backing and did some rudimentary quilting.

MackJoannaAllFallDownWell, the instructor didn’t much like this (the ribbon looked like ribbon, the tissue paper looked like tissue paper, etc.) so I began to paint over areas. I also glued on more tissue that I had spray painted. At present the piece looks like this.

MackJoannaAllFallDownFinalI haven’t done any painting (besides walls) since before many of you were born. It’s been fun to get back to it, even if the results aren’t what I had hoped.



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8 responses to “Getting Mixed Up

  1. Patti

    Personally I like it! My thought is ‘no rules’…let creativity have free rein.

  2. Diane Bird

    I really like the sense of depth created by the second one. Did you add paint only on the top layer or are there multiple layers of tissue and paint. Nice effect.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t stop with the ribbon-enhanced version. The final (if it is final) version has a more organic look. Of course which is better depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Did you need to remove the leaves to do your over-painting?

    • I’m calling this one done simply because I don’t know how much more paper and paint the underlying cloth and felt can take. I left the leaves in place for painting as they are attached only along their center spine.

      • Are you happy with it? Or does it feel like an exercise or practice piece?

      • I think there’s not enough distinction between the leaves and the background to make a successful piece. At this point I can’t fix that. It gave me a chance to play with different media and see how paper would hold up. There’s not much stitching as I am concerned that poking lots of holes in the paper will weaken it. Also, once the paper is stitched you can’t redo it without leaving holes. Of course, that might be a cool effect. A final coat of gel medium might help seal and strengthen the paper. I tried that on another practice piece I FMQed and was pleased at how it sealed minor paper tears.

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