Yet More Quilting Videos

I just received a post from the Modern Quilt Studio’s blog (I think it was reblogged by someone else) about Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr’s venture into YouTube land. Ringle and Kerr run the Modern Quilt Studio, and are quilt designers, educators, and makers. Here’s a link to the videos available as of December 2015 . They cover inset circles, solids that work with many different prints, and their binding method.

I looked at the two binding method videos as Ringle and Kerr’s method is different from anyone else’s. They begin by cutting 2 inch WOF strips, joining them at 45 degree angles, and running them through a 1 inch bias strip maker. I learned a good way to mark solid strips so you can keep right and wrong sides straight. I also learned to cut my strip at an angle before I feed it through the bias tape maker.

The second video shows how they fold the strip in half and wrap it around the quilt edges. It gets sewn on with one seam. That’s the upside. The downside is there’s lots of pressing and you need to be accurate. If you watch the video, be sure to stick around for how to do the corners and the ends. Here’s one of their early quilts bound using this method. (The shine in the first photo is from light on the book.)


For some design and color tips I watched the videos on desert island solids chosen from Michael Miller’s cotton couture line. Ringle and Kerr selected teal and mud as terrific choices for a wide variety of prints and color schemes. They gave a disclaimer to the effect they received no promotional consideration from the company. However, they do sell the fabrics in their online store – at $2 more per yard than the other solids.









On the Modern Quilt Studio website the mud is described as a slightly desaturated brown and the teal as a deep teal.  Neither color would leap into your arms as you perused bolts at the quilt shop, yet both would be excellent in supporting roles.


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2 responses to “Yet More Quilting Videos

  1. Patti

    I too received the video via email. I enjoyed it and might try their technique albeit when I am feeling fresh and in the ‘mood’ to wrestle with holding the binding while I stitch it. I machine stitch all my bindings in a method taught to me years ago by a wonderful mentor. Like I said I will give it a try; I always like trying new ideas.

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