Occasional Wednesday Salon

This episodic topic usually highlights the work of an art quilter. However, I decided some levity was in order. I found that quality in a quirky Florida quilter who uses a lot of vintage stuff and unusual embellishments.

I discovered Teddy Pruett at a recent Florida quilt show where she was doing appraisals.  Since I had no quilts with me I planned to bypass her booth, but my eye was caught by the three quilts hung behind her. Wait, are those Royal Crown Bags? What on earth is Sunbonnet Sue doing? Whoa, that scalloped border is bananas.

IMG_6884Church Ladies


IMG_6887The Salacious Secrets of Sam and Sue


Condoment Sue

IMG_6892Sock It To Me, Hot Lips

Check out Teddy’s website for more of her quilts. They are concrete evidence of her approach to quilting:

I have a particular desire to recycle the needlework made by unknown women who came before me.  Perhaps I love working with old used fabrics because I don’t want people to look at my quilts and say “Oh, I have that fabric!”  The truth is that I can’t bear to see someone’s hard work thrown away.  I use bits and pieces of anything made by hand – embroidery, crochet, aprons, etc., and  I recycle vintage yardage for the wonderfully mellow – and sometimes tacky – look.


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17 responses to “Occasional Wednesday Salon

  1. I love it! I have tons of gloves and stuff and would have never thought of incorporating them as is.
    I wonder if the Sunbonnet Sues feel a little frumpy compared to the svelte Southern belle that dropped into their quilt.

  2. This is so totally up my alley! Vintage linens, quirky irreverence, and a send up of that annoying Sue! Thanks for the introduction to this quilter!

  3. Teddy Pruett

    What fun! Thanks for the thumbs up, it’s always great to know that someone “gets” these nutty quilts.

  4. Sandy

    I’ve found myself deluged with people who have their Mothers, Grandmother’s, Aunt’s, etc old quilt tops that they want quilted. While it’s NEVER profitable to hand quilt for someone else, three times in the past five years I’ve been unable to resist hand quilting these treasures for their surviving kin.
    Why? I guess because in the back of my mind, I’m wondering what will become with my box of UFO’s accumulating in my sewing room.

  5. This is the BEST I’ve ever seen Sunbonnet Sue! Thanks for sharing the photos and a good laugh.

  6. I like it! Thanks for making me smile 🙂

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