Favorite Close Ups

Sometimes a quilt will have lovely details that show the craft its maker put into it. Here are a few such details I saw at Quilt Canada.

LighthousedetailA rocky island made with wool roving. The boards on the lighthouse are about a quarter inch wide. The flag on the door is a nice touch.

JackieWhite detailExtreme matchstick quilting.

HeightoftheStorm detailA town in the middle of a dust storm done with stitching.

EnigmaticStory detailFaces possibly painted and then stitched around.

Detail of album quiltA lovely appliqued ship. The half square triangles are tiny.

CrazyQuilt detailAn old key caught behind organza.

DeepNightdetailIntense stitching.

AlbertaTurbinesdetaILThe moon reflected in clouds.

IMG_7737Charming challenge fabric quilt that doesn’t have straight edges. I applaud the creative use of these somewhat challenging fabrics.

This post concludes my report of the 2016 Quilt Canada show. Today, July 1, is Canada Day, which I thought was fitting. The 2017 show will be held at the International Centre in Toronto, Canada, as well.




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11 responses to “Favorite Close Ups

  1. Second best to being there is to seeing photos. Thanks! I second the praise for dust storm town, and the sailing ship was special as well. But all enjoyable.

  2. Best thing about going to quilt shows, getting face to face with glorious details like these. That must have been fun.

  3. These are wonderful and such a great variety of surfaces and techniques. Thanks again for sharing parts of the show.

  4. This is a good idea, to showcase some of the details! Quilts can be so intricate and the special little things can be missed. That stitching to create the dust storm town is really amazing–ingenious!

    • If you quilt you look at quilts differently than a nonquilter – i.e., you look for techniques you can use in your own work. The dust storm town is now tucked away in my memory banks as a good way to suggest an idea without a lot of details.

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