Readymade Resists

Quite by accident I found out that white on white printed quilting cotton acts as a resist when painted or dyed. I dyed some fabric pieces that I thought were plain white but weren’t, and I was delighted with the results.

My first cheater resist featured tiny flowers, which aren’t quite my cuppa, but they do stand out.

overdyed-purpleThen, a friend found white fabric woven with polka dots that showed up wonderfully when dye was applied. Here I used periwinkle dye.

overdyed-periwinkleBy this time I began to seek out white on white fabrics I could color. At a store in the middle of Ohio corn fields I found white fabric printed with cracked ice patterns. I used Pebeo Setacolor to paint a strip of it. The white fabric behind the aqua is the original fabric.

overpainted-setacolorThe popularity of white printed on white fabric waxes and wanes, so you might not find plentiful possibilities right now.  Here’s what eQuilter offers at present. However, I suspect if you investigate your stash you may find you already own some examples.


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12 responses to “Readymade Resists

  1. These are gorgeous. For whatever reason, I did know that w-o-w would give you a resist pattern. I rarely buy white at all and doubt I have any of the w-o-w in my stash. But it certainly something to watch for. How will you use them? Do you have ideas or was this just experiment for the moment?

    • I’ve used the aqua already and like the idea of custom coloring fabric that has a bit of a textured pattern. My friend is mad for polka dots and has used her dots in a few pieces. I understand why you may not have any w o w in your stash, but someone may offer to give you some and you now may be more inclined to take it.

  2. Penny

    How interesting! I have some leftover fabric called “Fairy Frost” by Michael Miller that I will try with the Setacolor and/or Setasilk. I’m planning a tree/sky themed table runner for a large coffee table, and I can see where that might work nicely–thanks!

    Penny, NE Ohio

  3. How cool is this? I had no idea! BTW, I thought of you last week when I was at weaving school. Two women at our B&B were taking a workshop from a protege of Ruth McDowell, using photos as inspiration for art quilts. They were doing all kinds of experimenting!

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