An Inspiration Too Far

Shortly after I read the following in a newsletter, “Do you ever get in a creative rut? The best cure is to get out and explore. Open yourself up to new possibilities. Let in the sights, sounds and smells around you. Take a camera or a notebook and capture what catches your eye.” I came across this in my kitchen trash can. Maybe I took the advice too literally.



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11 responses to “An Inspiration Too Far

  1. When I first looked at your photo I totally thought it was a journal page you had created. If you are like me, once snapped out of the “rut” you will start to see artistic possibilities everywhere! You have lichen photos? I love lichen and would love to see them!

  2. First I laughed; then I thought, There really is potential there.

  3. Barbara

    Intriguing. It has an interesting depth to it.

    • Yes, it sparks ideas about layers of printing, but my husband decided I was losing it when I pulled this out.

      • Barbara

        Aah, what do husbands know 🙂 I am big fan of wabi-sabi which a friend with deep understanding of Japanese culture defined as “cultural rust.” I think this sort of qualifies. It definitely is inspirational, the variation in color and value, the “mysterious” printing, the organic lines. I get tired of all the leaf and flower quilts, lovely but boring, give me interesting trash any day.

      • I concur with your feelings about leaf and flower quilts. However, I must say that if one’s art quilt journey began with traditional quilts one is conditioned to favor pretty over interesting.

  4. Ha! Well, it’s other unlovely as is but I can see possibilities . . .

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