Of Course I Took Pictures At The Quilt Show

It’s disturbing to think that many of you will assess the quality of the quilts at the Mutton Hill Quilt Show from my bad photos. The lighting works against the accuracy of the colors and my adventures with Google Photo on my new smartphone didn’t help.

That said, here are my viewer’s choices. The quilt titles and makers’ names are given in the image title. Some photos show only part of the quilt.

I think I’m drawn to quilts that suggest a story, based on my selection above. Many but not all these quilts won ribbons.



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8 responses to “Of Course I Took Pictures At The Quilt Show

  1. Thanks for sharing these. The one that I reacted to most was the hen. She is lovely! Are the feathers 3D?

  2. Barbara

    Interesting choice to flip the Hokusai wave. I loved the quilt but being very fond of the original, that flip niggles. I wonder what her thought process and intent was for that design choice. I so wanted to catch the show but family obligations prevented it. Could you mention some of the techniques in the Quilt National pieces that you found most intriguing.

    • I didn’t talk to the quilter, so I don’t know exactly why the wave was flipped. Possibly she had already made the storm at sea blocks, which have a color gradation toward the dark, and wanted to highlight the wave against the darker colors. As to techniques, I studied an organza piece with impeccable edges – no fraying. The quilter had hand sewn on the pieces with what looked to be thin silk thread in small vertical stitches. No fusing was used. Another piece by Jane Dunnewold used spackling to cover some of the fabric. A design was printed on top of that. Janet Windsor folded and crumpled long strips of fabric and bent them into sinuous shapes. She also created ovoid pebbles covered with silk and sewn in groups without puckering. It brought home that even in art quilts good workmanship adds to a piece.

  3. So much talent! Thank you for sharing a little bit of what looks like a great show. I really like The Big Fat Hen with all her texture.

    • I’ll show the art quilt winners soon. The Hen was especially popular with the males who came to the show. Of course I couldn’t show the Art National quilts on display. Just examining them closely was a techniques class in itself.

  4. Nice variety! I especially like the weather one, with the Hokusai wave. I like the one with the bright blue hexagons, too, but I think the quilting is overwrought. I feel that way about a lot of machine quilting these days.

    • Overwrought is a good word for some of the machine quilting being done nowadays. Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. And yes, the storm at sea quilt is wonderful. That quilter had three other quilts in the show and won ribbons with all of them.

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