Where Old and New Met

The recent Mutton Hill quilt show served up both art quilts and heirloom quilts and coverlets. First, the old.

The Summit County Historical Society featured its collection of early to mid nineteenth century woven coverlets as well as quilts.

The show had about 30 art quilts entered. Here are the ribbon winners, in order of placement from first to third. The first place winner was also Best of Show.




There were six honorable mentions, four of which are shown below:





My Torii Traces also won an Honorable Mention, as did a quilt called Indian Summer by Cyndi Dininger, which I somehow missed in my photo session. In the interests of completeness, here’s Torii Traces at another venue. Lighting was dim where it was hung at the Mutton Hill show.

Torii Traces Final





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8 responses to “Where Old and New Met

  1. That was so fun to see these quilts and congratulations, your quilt is awesome!

  2. Judith K Campbell

    One comment– and I do agree that judges struggle with art quilt decisions— please note that best of show was an art quilt. The only other time I have seen that is at Quilt Canada 2016. Things are changing, if incrementally.

  3. Hmmm . . . I like your piece far better than the Tiffany lampshade one and at least as much as the 3rd place quilt. But, the coverlets!! Those are fab–my husband is obsessed with weaving the pattern in the first photo.

    • I thought of you when I saw the coverlets. I tried one of those patterns a long time ago – kind of fun but picky for setting up the loom. As for the art quilts, let’s just say the judges were a bit uncomfortable with art quilts and relied on their knowledge base in traditional quilting for their decisions.

    • As usual, I agree with Kerry. Congratulations on your award, in any case. And yes, the coverlets are … really breathtaking.

      • Funny, the coverlets are OK but they just don’t float my boat. I know the CEO of the historical history has a special fondness for them, which is probably why they were on display. Well, I suspect more than one person who didn’t enter the show had a different ranking of the top art quilts.

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