The Girls Hit The Road

While I was creating their seaside environment the girls got bored and went on a road trip. They were shopping for a forever home and wanted to see what was on offer on my walls.

Since they were in the neighborhood, their first stop was a piece in progress on my second design wall. At first they thought they had stumbled into MOMA and wondered how that happened. When no one made them buy an expensive ticket they realized that they weren’t at MOMA but inside a creation from my scrap bins.


After getting lost in black and yellow corridors that led nowhere the girls escaped and decided to try another floor. When they saw fish they thought maybe their seaside dream had become real, but swimming with the fishes wasn’t what they had in mind, so they surfaced and headed back upstairs.


Some time had passed since they last saw their design wall. The girls were thrilled to notice a new landscape with sky, a beach, and an ocean. There were even fluffy clouds in the sky. Since their feet were hot and tired from all those steps they waded into the water and wiggled their toes in the sand.

girls-at-seaI thought the girls were finally happy, but now they keep asking me what they’re supposed to be looking at. And could there be more waves. Sigh.




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18 responses to “The Girls Hit The Road

  1. My thoughts on the ladies is a blog hop quilt along so everyone can make some paper/fabric dolls and send in pictures to play! Maybe a book later for charity. I can just imagine the places they could visit😊

  2. Jan

    These are fabulous.
    After all this shopping/ sightseeing coffee and cake is called for.
    They are such happy cheerful pieces.

  3. I agree, except not children’s book. Needs to be a quilter’s book. Love, love, love this. And/or technique book.

    • The girls were great fun to make. I did used to love paper dolls. If I put them in a quilters’ book they may never get out of the fabric store. Or maybe I just need to put quilters on the beach, get them to take a break from their sewing machines.

  4. This concept would make an awesome children’s book!
    I think maybe they want to look at a hat store or a floral shop. Or maybe it’s just that I want to see them looking at a hat store or floral shop. 🙂

  5. Felice

    I love where the girls ended up! Let me say that that we can live happy thoughts through your colorful girls. Keep on going but just the water at their toes and clouds above are peaceful.
    And that’s what many of us need right now!

  6. How imaginative and delightful!

  7. Wonderful. I agree, the greys and golds look like they are window shopping. City girls or not, I’ll be they could enjoy “just looking, thank you!”

  8. Doreen

    I love the girls in the black and yellow. The proportions are better overall.

  9. This is SUCH fun! A really cute idea, and they are sure getting around!

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