Around Here Week 5

Despite the dearth of snow so far, winter temperatures still help create unexpected beauty with wild grapevine and water, plus a bit of sun. My neighbor has let the grapevine take over the bushes, but the bare vine catches the water from the downspout and turns it into prisms.icicles-and-branches


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5 responses to “Around Here Week 5

  1. That is so beautiful! My son actually had to scrap ice off of his windshield last week and we had sticking hail. We don’t usually get much weather here in San Diego but I’m looking forward to what spring will bring because we have had so much rain this year… things are green!

    • That must have been a shock to the system. I’m so glad CA is finally getting some rain. Now let’s hope water conservation isn’t pitched out the window.

      • I hear you regarding water conservation – People are saying “the drought is over” and I’m following that with “for the moment!” I’m also concerned about fire season when all that’s green usually dries to kindling again.

  2. I’ll send you some snow….we’re on Vancouver Island which is supposed to be temperate with next to no snow. We’ve had over 15″ twice this winter. The last time this past weekend.

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