Around Here Week 8

I’m sure I’ll be posting more snow photos, but for now I can’t resist showing that early harbinger of spring, the witch hazel shrub. I came across this one opening up while on a walk at a local park. Ooh, I said to my husband, I think it’s a witch hazel. He replied, I know it is. How, I asked, as my husband can’t recognize a hydrangea bush. That’s what the tag says, was his response.



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8 responses to “Around Here Week 8

  1. My stepfather calls every shrub he sees, every single shrub, forsythia! The witch hazel is beautiful, if a little over-optimistic . . .

  2. That really made me laugh! We have had rain two days straight. Just before it fell I saw tulips (here in the desert, mind you!) in someones garden and my Redbud has tiny blossoms. One day Spring, the next, not so sure!

  3. Clever man! 🙂 Spring and winter keep getting mixed here. We’ve had 70s and we’ve had snow. Today will be in the 60s and calm, while tomorrow will be in the 30s and quite windy. Makes it hard to get dressed in the morning!

  4. Joanna, just discovers your site! Wow have I enjoyed your journaling. Loved your challenge…better get myself busy on mine. See you next guild meeting! All my tulips are up! Hope I don’t lose everything with a snow storm! Dolly

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