Around Here Week 27

This week’s photo comes from New Jersey, thanks to my brother. He caught the tail end of a summer storm at sunset. I love the contrast of the dark foliage around the edges with the volume of the clouds. The clouds remind me of wool roving. The color scheme would be perfect for a moody work – the purple/blue/gray and the grayed yellow.


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8 responses to “Around Here Week 27

  1. Jane

    Wow! Drama, contrast, texture, mood … Oddly enough I see more anticipation than aftermath in this image. Thanks to nature, your brother, and you for this latest in a treasury of inspiration. Soon I’ll lose sight of that box I’ve been exiting!

    • As a professor of mine used to say, “what you see depends on where you stand.” My brother said the photo was post-storm but I think the color and lighting effects would be similar whether pre- or post-storm. And I’m sure there are some treasures in that box you’re leaving behind.

  2. Wow, that’s a beautiful sight! I’m stuck painting a bedroom right now but as soon as I finish I’ll be painting sky fabric (to sell at our big quilt show). I agree with you the contrast is striking and the clouds like roving… which reminds, me I bought a bunch of gradated silver roving and haven’t used it yet…Thanks for more inspiration (and to your brother)!

    • If only you were painting the bedroom a sky color? What paints do you use for your sky fabric? I ask as I’ve used Mickey Lawler’s techniques for such fabric painting, and am always on the hunt for other ways to do something. Gradated silver roving sounds smashing.

      • When the kids were young the bedroom had a sky with clouds across the ceiling and a tree. I use Jacquard Textile Color and sometimes Setasilk for my fabric painting. Really the only difference in the way Mickey and I paint is that I usually have my fabric up off of the surface in a frame. A few of my YouTube videos show some different fabric painting techniques. I had planned to needle punch a moon with the roving, didn’t happen. Now I just seem to bring it out and caress it!

      • Ah, the comfort of petting one’s pretties.

  3. That’s one dramatic cloud! And such unusual colors, as you say. Nature can teach us a lot when it comes to choosing colors.

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