Around Here Week 29

This week I returned to staring at my feet and found sidewalk silt textures. I love how the texture of the cement gives an underlying striping to the swirls left by an intense summer storm. I think we’re missing an outdoor decorating option with boring beige and gray sidewalks.


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8 responses to “Around Here Week 29

  1. Well, that’s cool! Printing it on Spoonflower may give the best results but not near as much fun as thermofax screens and playing with other techniques. Here in San Diego there is a neighborhood – the Burlingame Historic District and it has what they call “pink” (they’re actually dull red) sidewalks created in 1912.

  2. There are patterns all around us, aren’t there? This would be pretty as a tone-on-tone fabric. A friend of mine sent me a photo of rhesus monkey epithelial cells that she colored. I’m considering getting it printed at Spoonflower. Have you ever used their service?

  3. Jane

    Would this hold up for printing onto fabric? What a lovely blender for a pieced quilt or starting point for a “sky’s the limit” textile adventure! I love how you find the beauty in the seemingly mundane around us. Another good life lesson!

    • I’ve been mulling over how to translate this photo into fabric. Maybe print it on Spoonflower, have it made into a thermofax screen, or something else. Any suggestions are welcome.

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